Water Controls’ offers a PMI HOURLY BILLING RATE to all customers that we have either a Monthly or Quarterly PMI Agreement with. The PMI HOURLY BILLING RATE is always $10 / hour less than our NORMAL HOURLY BILLING RATE.​

Periodic Maintenance and Inspections (PMI)

Ongoing, Scheduled Maintenance provides system reliability and repair forecasting. PMI prevents equipment failure due to clogged ports, loose terminals, and a variety of other conditions. Additionally, system and component operation is trended. This information allows you to forecast the need for repairs to both conduct the repairs on your schedule, and to allow you to budget for the repairs.

Water Controls’ Field Service Technicians are trained to conduct a thorough electrical, mechanical, and operational PMI of your system.

A custom PMI FORM will be generated for your equipment, and you will be provided with a copy of the completed form after every PMI.

Additionally, you will receive a verbal report after each PMI, which allows you ask questions and become more familiar with your equipment.​